Paper Management

Do you have a paper problem? Are there boxes of old files and a pile of “to be paid” bills in your office? Paper does not have to be burdensome. Yes, we do need to hold on to certain documents for legal reasons. And yes, there are always papers that we hold onto “just because”, but it doesn’t have to take over your space. Keep in mind that paper is very combustible. This is certainly a situation where too much of something can be a bad thing. Let us help you to sort through those old documents, and create a system to manage the current paperwork that needs to be kept.

The simpler the system, the more apt your will be to maintain it. We will work with you to create a system that fits your needs. Not all paper projects are created equal! Paper management requires a thoughtful process in order to create a system that is appropriate for your specific situation. We would love to work with you to make that mountain into a molehill.

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